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Project Description
GridViewColumnCollectionProxy allow managing the columns of a gridview from a business object. Then the business object can be used in a preference window or whereever columns have to be managed.


The goal of this project is to answer two problems encountered with the out-of-the-box WPF GridView :
  • The gridview object does not allow managing the columns in a business object. For example, it is quite impossible to select columns from a preference window or a contextual menu.
  • The gridview object allow reordering of the columns, but does not provide a way to persist the order.


Current release

The current release (Alpha 0.1) answer to this problem, but some problem persist :
  • the current implementation is dependent to a custom business object (actually based on the MVVM pattern).
  • the current implementation is cleaning up references and event handlers, but there's probably some memory leaks. Implementing the weakevent and weakreference pattern is probably a good idea.


A part of the code is an adaptation of the code found here: MSDN Magazine : WPF Apps With The Model-View-ViewModel Design Pattern

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